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"Why I love the film School" by Francois Pretorius

In my experience the best Film school I have ever took part in.

The Hollywood package I did was inspirational, the teachers are all friendly, great and fun to work with, and at the end you get your own showreel.

There was a Villain course I did with Mahesh Jadu- (Netflix Actor, Marco Polo Star and Pirates of the Caribbean actor) which was such an amazing course, I learned alot about acting when I had zero experience.

The Film School is definitely a recommendation especially when you want to have a feel to be in front of the camera or want to explore acting. It is so great that they do workshops that introduce you to screen acting, what a great way to start off when you are new to the scene.

The experience I gained were absolutely fun, the crew I met during the scenes we shot are all friendly and fun to work with.

I studied in Perth Film School - (Twin school with Marbella Film School) It helped me alot while I lived in Perth, I have now moved to Melbourne to progress my career in acting.

I would highly recommend Perth and Marbella Film School to anyone who wants to kick-start their career in acting.

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