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Welcome Our New Teacher + Adults Christmas Program

Nesley Fairburn is a London-based actress who, after her theatre and music studies in the USA, attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where she trained in classical acting. Nesley continued her training in Physical Theatre with Norman Taylor on "Lecoq Pedagogy" in NYC and completed a Master course in "Grotowski ", another physical theatre technique under Thomas Richards and Mario Biaginni in Italy. She also trained and collaborated with Yorgos Karamelogos' Director of" Physical Labs" London, an eminent practitioner of the Body and Mind Approach. She worked extensively on Stanislavski's technique in London and USA, followed by intensive work on Method Acting with a member from Actors Studio. Nesley's most recent stage appearance was in the critically acclaimed "Glimpses of the Seagull at Leicester Square Theatre, "Throw Back Lorca with RSC actor Trader Faulkner. "and Sweet Harmony" with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre actress Susan Porrett. She currently lives in Spain gives regular workshops and continues her International acting work.

Adults Christmas Program.

Now that we introduced our new teacher Nesley Fairburn, we can say she will be, alongside Nicole Moerland, teaching our New Intensive Program in December, where we will learn so many different techniques around Method Acting.

For those who don't know, Method Acting is when the actor uses his memories or something from his own life in order to create the inner life of his character. Conducting research, staying in character for extended periods of time, or making a physical adjustment does not make you a Method actor.

Konstantin Stanislavski was the first to explore the idea that sense memory could help the actor create believable behavior on stage. This is known as the Stanislavski System. Lee Strasberg (who founded the Group Theatre in New York City and also went on to become director of the famed Actors Studio) studied Stanislavski’s work. The Lee Strasberg Method is an extension of the Stanislavski System. Strasberg developed a series of exercises for the actor that helped him train his power of concentration, be expressive and create his character’s reality. Some of the exercises are known as sense memory, animal, private moment, and emotional memory. Once an actor learns and masters the exercises, he is then able to use the exercises to explore and create a character.

If you want to participate then mark this date on your calendar:

12th of December: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

13th of December: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

17th of December: Shooting of the Monologue Scene

The total price for this program is €450 including the shooting for the monologue scene.

Contact us for more information.

Some Videos from our Last Program.


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