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Marbella Film School News!

Recently we held an Advanced Screen and Introduction to Screen acting course merged!

We had a fantastic shoot on the Saturday where all of our students joined in whether they were filming or not, to help set-dress, be extras, help behind the camera and so much more!

Here we have some feedback from our showreel stars-

Tiana Smith &

Lucas Leivo

Lucas' thoughts on our course: "Yeah I thought it was great, I went there to become better in front of a camera and to beat my stagefright. Loved the help and positivity of Nicole and the whole group. The filming was very cool, it was very well done. Loved the experience of acting and being behind the camera. Learned to not overthink what people might say or think while I’m acting. I ended up loving to be behind the camera and acting"

Tiana's thoughts on our course: "I've been studying with Nicole for over 2 years now and i'm constantly learning new skills every lesson. She has helped me visualise my acting and film future, and every showreel we shoot becomes more fun and relaxing.

It's most definitely the perfect place to learn how to act and about the film industry, and once you do you can continue to perform and enhance your acting!"

For more information regarding this course or any of our other, contact us on:

+34 951 247 285

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