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Young actress from Marbella​ stars in new horror/comedy feature film

Currently under production is a new horror/comedy feature film, produced and written by Ignacio López, and also casting well known Juan Carlos Vellido, who starred in two ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ movies. The star we are talking about today doesn’t just have any role in this new feature production, she is actually the lead role in the movie, alongside actress Ana Garberí! This new actress in talk is Vivian Milkova. She is 13 from Bulgaria and currently attending San Jose College. She was then selected out of 500 other possible actresses applying for the role. she managed to keep proceeding through all the stages up until the last stage with only 4 other girls. Vivian has been studying at Marbella Film School here with us for a year and a half, and currently attends our teens advanced program. Within that program, students learn how to audition and how to present themselves in casting. We then helped her prepare for her first-ever face to face casting in Madrid where she was then finally selected for the main role.

The Nanny’s Night is about a young girl (Ana Garberí) looking to make some money, therefore accepts some work as a nanny to look after the child (Vivian Milkova) until something mysterious and spooky happens at night.

Here is a word from Vivian's thoughts on set:

The idea behind the film is a mixture of horror and comedy as they call it “comedia negra” in some of the scenes we had to use special effects which added much more fun to my experience. By all that I’ve seen so far, the movie is turning out beautifully and can’t wait to see “The Nanny’s Night” on the big screen. I’m so happy that i met this amazing, professional and creative people and thankful for being able to say that they were part of my debut. At the end we’re not just a team, but a group of friends.


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