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Why it is important to learn an American​ accent for auditions

Although you might not think it at first, knowing how to use your voice properly is vital for acting. If your performance is already great, perfecting your use of voice would definitely bring it up to the next level and become an outstanding performance.

Not only knowing how to use your voice, but now a days, being able to put on a specific accent for a role, most commonly an American accent, can be really important as an actor. As a big part of the industry takes place in America, they tend to have a lot of roles where the character is American, and if you are non American, you want to still be open to those roles by knowing how to do an American accent.

Where do all the big actors outside of America learn their accents so well you may ask? Well not only will I answer that question, but also give you some great news at the end of the post, so make sure to read all the way through!

Katherine Langford Dacre Montgomery

Mahesh Jadu Angourie Rice

All of these amazing well known actors learnt their American accent from the same exact teacher, James Hagan. All 4 of these actors had heavy Australian accents at the beginning, with little to none of American accent experience. These actors have been in extremely popular movies and series, such as "The Witcher", "Stranger Things", "13 Reasons why", "Spiderman: Far from home" and "The Nice Guys".

James Hagan began his career at the Perth Playhouse in 1975. After spending seven years touring Britain and Europe with the acclaimed Australian theatre company, Triad Stage Alliance, he worked with the English speaking theatres of Frankfurt (Germany) and Florence (Italy). After having work for years as an actor and many different companies, he is now coaching voice acting and American accents.

Now that you know of this amazing coach here is where the good news comes in for you. James Hagan is already teaching at our Australian school 'Perth Film School' and shortly, he will be available to coach at our 'Marbella Film School' here in Spain! He will be teaching over zoom lessons online, where you can attend from anywhere you want.

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