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The Korean Experience + Vivian Milkova's TV Interview

During the Marbella International Film Festival, our students got to meet different people from the film industry from around the world. There were Paraguayan actors like Fernando Abadie and Eduardo Cano from the awarded film "The List", and the legend Kevin McNally from the short film "Musketeer", among other influential people promoting their own films.

However, the people who stole our students' hearts were the South Korean crew from both short films "Salvar" and "Daejong 1960", directed by Ahn Songwook and Ki-Won Bae respectively.

As odd as it may seem, not only our students got to meet them but also they spent a lot of time with them having incredible conversations about the film industry and learning many wonderful lessons they can only get from experienced and talented people as they are.

Let's not forget the talent from this Asian country is huge enough to the level of dominating the whole entertainment industry. Movies like "Train to Busan" or the phenomenal "Squid Game" show how talented they are checking every list of how things need to be done.

To our surprise, both directors mentioned before came up with the idea of making a little scene with some of our students for fun and in exchange for the gratitude they were feeling. Isn't that amazing?

From now on we can say we have family in South Korea.

Vivian Milkova's TV Interview

A couple of days ago our student Vivian Milkova had an interview with the TV host of "Marbella Now", Nicole King, about the experience of acting in her first major project alongside Antonio Banderas in the film "The Enforcer". In this interview, she explained how she got the role, what other projects she has in mind, and many other funny anecdotes.

Our teacher and founder of the film school, Nicole Moerland, was there supporting her student and guiding her through this professional experience. Good Job Vivian and keep it up!

The interview will be available soon on YouTube.


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