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Q & A with Mahesh Jadu from The Witcher

Fans of The Witcher series on Netflix already know that season 2 is coming out this month, on December 17th to be exact. How exciting!

But did you know that one of the main characters, the mysterious mage and antagonist named Vilgefortz, is played by Mahesh Jadu?

Mahesh started as a student at Perth Film School, getting help with his very first auditions before becoming one of our masterclass teachers.

That’s how we met him a couple of years ago, while he was in Spain, teaching his Villain Course at Marbella Film School. We wrapped the week-long workshop with a professional showreel shoot under his direction.

I (Olivia Bella) recently had the chance to interview Mahesh for Costa del Sol’s prestigious glossy magazine, the Society Magazine.

You can read the full article online (pages 16-17 online): CLICK HERE.

And here is an excerpt of our Q &A. Make sure to read his last point too for invaluable advice for actors - and anyone really.

What would you like to teach at Marbella Film School, once you have a chance to come back?

I would perhaps explore playing with ‘Stakes’. Being able to identify and heighten the stakes in a scene and a script, infuses passion and elevates the theme. But, I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to see when I can return and what ideas I would love to explore as I get closer to the time. I’d be very happy to take suggestions from the actors in the school. I would like to work more with the crew before the shoot dates also.

Last time, I directed a scene in Spanish. I would love that challenge again.

What advice would you give to those starting out on their acting journey?

Live a full life. Don’t delay an opportunity to live and to love. These are your stories which will enrich all the work you could possibly do as an actor. Read deeply. Travel broadly. And Love as fearlessly as you can. I wish I did one of those three sooner.


Would you like to get started with your acting journey?

Classes and courses are available for all ages and levels.


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