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Our students in the new Netflix series 'Glow & Darkness'

Recently we got the pleasure of receiving some news that two of our students, Lamia Dani and

Tariq E Q Amawi, have been cast for roles in this upcoming TV series called 'Glow and Darkness' that will be available on Netflix.

"Glow and Darkness" tells, as never before, the intertwined stories of characters such as Saladin, Emperor Barbarossa, Richard the Lionheart, Philip Augustus, Francis of Assisi and Eleanor of Aquitaine, among others.

It is directed by Jose Luis Moreno, one of Spain's top directors in the business. The series Includes well known Jane Seymour and Denise Khatun.

Our student Lamia is playing a main role, Ismat Ad Adin Khan, the wife of Saladin, and our other student, Tariq, is playing the role of Amir, Saracens captain.

Both these outstanding students took part in our Villian Course, taught by Netflix actor Mahesh Jadu back in August 2019. At the time they had in mind of approaching characters completely outside of their look, aiming to be casted in those roles. Once having been in Marbella Film School, we suggested they embrace their looks and aim for characters that completely fit them, where they ended up casting in just what we suggested for them.

Click here ot see the 'Glow & Darkness' Trailer

Here we also have the scene Lamia and Tariq did together at Marbella Film School here with us!


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