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Netflix director in Marbella

You probably don't realise how small the film industry actually is, of course, we don't mean this completely literally as the Industry is most definitely huge, but you'll understand what we mean after we show you in this article.

Jet Wilkinson. An Australian producer/director from Sydney, a two time nominee at the Australian Director's Guild Awards in the category of Best Achievement in Direction for a Television Drama Series for her work on Crownies and All Saints. That is not all she has down, she is also well known for the many Netflix productions she was been part of and directed.

Here is a slideshow of examples of some of the productions she has directed:

Jet Wilkinson is glad and has been lucky enough to direct productions where there is female character is in the main role, as she is happy to be part of productions that are breaking the mould of having a white male characters starring as the main role in the production.

In 2016, our Perth Film School in Australia, got the amazing opportunity to have a course taught by Jet.

She taught a course on how actors and directors work together. This was a huge success, with all students having been extremely thrilled and happy to have had this opportunity.

On the left is a photo of Jet Wilkinson with the Perth Film School Class and Nicole Moerland, the owner of Perth Film School, Australia, and Marbella Film School, Spain.

Fast forward to 2019, a young student from our teens group in Marbella Film School gets casted for a roll in 'Warrior Nun', only to find out, one of his scenes got directed by Jet Wilkinson herself.

On the right is a picture of Fred's scene art the orphanage with Jet Wilkinson directing him, and Alba Baptista, the main character, sat between the two. At the time of production, they weren't aware of this incredible link between the schools and Jet, but this is why we say the film industry is actually much smaller than you think. The idea that the countries are so far apart and yet manage to link in this way is simply fascinating.

Additionally, Jet Wilkinson also got to direct one of her scene right here in Marbella, on the pier in front of Puente Romano. We love seeing how all these people and places link together.

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