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Netflix Actor in Marbella Film School

We have had the pleasure to have Netflix actor Mahesh Jadu teach our students at Marbella Film School more than once over the years. His most recognised work is in 'Marco Polo' and 'The Witcher', both streaming on Netflix.

Most recently he did a 'Villain Acting Course' which turned out to be a huge success.

It consisted of an Intense but immersive week full of teaching in front of the camera, technique practice and script performance. All leading up to finish the week with a personal showreel scene, professionally filmed by a film crew.

Here we have some shots of him teaching with the group and a behind the scenes of the students showreel scene shot at the end of the week.

Tariq, Ryan and I (Pablo), were three of the students in the group who did a scene together directed by Mahesh. We absolutely loved it and ended up turning out great. Exploring a whole different character and approach to acting that only made me love the course even more.

Most recently, Ryan and I got the chance to audition for the lead role in a new production taking place called 'The Alchemist' based on the book by Paulo Coelho, still waiting for a response.

Marbella Film School did not only improve our skills to have a chance to get casted for upcoming productions, such as 'The Alchemist' but in this case also helped us film and prepare our self tape audition for it.

Not only is Nicole Moerland (Lead teacher and Owner) a wonderful and inspiring person, she is also someone who is truly passionate about helping her students reach success of their own. She is filled with experience and advice that is perfect for anyone interested in the acting world.

Why don't you begin your acting journey with Marbella Film School now? Wether it's simply an interest or a passion, this is most definitely a place to be. Every month, one lesson a week, there is a new group where you can also choose to shoot your own showreel scene like we did with Mahesh. Make sure to sign up right away to get your spot!

By: Pablo Martel


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