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Major Netflix TV series casts Marbella Actors

The Team at Marbella Film School has just recently collaborated with 'Society Magazine', a well known magazine around the coast with a new read every month. As for this month, March, we wrote an article on how Marbella actors are getting cast for major Netflix TV series.

For this month we decided to talk about the intriguing story of one of our teen students Fred Pritchard and his role in Netflix series 'Warrior Nun'. Not only was it amazing to hear his experience on set, working with other professionals and well known actors and directors, but we loved to see the links we found between our schools in Marbella, Spain, and our other school in Perth, Australia, (Perth Film School).

One director, Jet Wilkinson, who directed our Marbella Film School student Fred's scene, also coincidently had taught a master class in 2016 at our school in Australia, Perth Film School.

We love showing everyone the interesting parts about the film Industry, as well as allowing everyone to see how anyone, even from here in Marbella, can make it on big productions such as Netflix series. It's also Incredible to see everyone come together from all places in Marbella. Fred Pritchard, a student at Marbella Film School who got casted for 'Warrior Nun' coming from Laude San Pedro. Nicole Moerland, Founder and Teacher of Marbella Film School, studied at Aloha College and Pablo Martel, Administrator and student at Marbella Film School who studied at Swans School International.

We are going to continue publishing articles with 'Society Magazine' every month, so make sure to grab a copy anywhere around Marbella, or check it out online, to never miss any of these Interesting and Intriguing articles!


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