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Live auditions and castings at our lessons

For our previous two 'Ongoing screen acting' lessons, we have had the pleasure to have been doing live auditions for a new feature film currently under production. The producer, Franky Lankester, who also previously worked as an actor himself, came to our classes to audition our students for his new feature film. Franky has worked with big actors such as Vinny Jones, Armand Assante, Danny Trejo, Robert Davi and more. Franky, the producer, and his partner Tony came to class with a professional camera to film the auditions, making the audition slightly more nerve-wracking yet also more exciting at the same time.

He has already cast one of the girls In our class, Sarah Spendlove, for the lead role, as well as guy from our class, Pablo Martel, to play the boyfriend, a support role. Most other students are also going to have the pleasure to still be a part of the feature film in smaller or extra roles.

For the first audition held, the actors were asked to do a cold read. This is when actors are given the script on the spot and need to audition while reading the lines. It can be quite challenging but all of our students did amazingly, as we had just previously practiced cold reads in class before.

For the second live audition they held, the actors got the script beforehand to prepare a bit as it had more dialogue involved. At the end of it all, both Franky and Tony were extremely pleased with everybody's effort and performance in the auditions. For some of our actors, this was their very first audition!

The feature film under production is called '4D' and shooting will begin shortly here in Marbella, alongside with cast also coming from Marbella, and more specifically our class!

Be sure to stay tuned for when this new feature film gets published!


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