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A Glimpse Into Our Latest Shoot

There is never a boring moment at Marbella Film School.

Last weekend we concluded our Summer Camp with a successful showreel shoot.

During the week, the actors have been working hard on preparing their characters using methods and techniques based on Stella Adler's teachings.

Character development is an essential part of the process - that includes everything from building a backstory to crafting the perfect look. That is how you can give an authentic performance.

Behind the scenes, we had talented make-up artist, Anna Scott, doing special effect make-up, while our photographer, Olivia Bella, was taking character portraits of our actors.

Pictures like this are very useful in order to showcase your versatility as an actor.

Below you can see some of our actors in character right before filming:

Don't let their "bruised" faces fool you - we promise, we had a lot of fun!

Our coach and director, Nicole Moerland always knows how to find the most suitable role for each student - considering their looks, age, and natural abilities.

Here you can see the latest reviews of our Summer Camp program:

The last week of August we will be back with a new course for tweens only - ages 11 to 13.

Please see our flyer below for more details.

There are only a few spots left!


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