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Teens film&acting course this summer

Who said summer 2020 was cancelled?

Besides the obvious restrictions, there's no excuse to go through with your summer goals and plans, here at Marbella Film School we are continuing all our classes with precautions of course!

Right now we are half way through our Introduction to screen acting and our higher level showreel group! Watch this space... 📽

Starting the 24th of August we have a new course, for our teens!

Inc in that course will be camera work, behind and in front, trying lots of different scripts and characters, camera and acting techniques, socialising with new friends and most importantly- having fun!!

The program starts on the 24th until the 28th of August. Every evening from 6-8pm.

Within this program we offer the opportunity of developing your own showreel!

*A showreel is a demoreel/videobook of an actors work so far, here at Marbella Film School we offer the opportunities to shoot your own showreel with a scene that you would have been working on in class over your course and at home. Showreel's are usually sent off alongside headshots and resumes when an actor is looking for representation or being considered for an audition or a role in a show/film.

When looking for a career in this industry as the artist a showreel is an absolute must!

We have a professional cameraman, sound guy, director and crew when we shoot so we get the best shots and we are able to help you develop the best showreel and performance possible!

Please note showreels are not included in the price of this course, it is an extra*

Attached below are showreels of some of our students here at the film school.

-For more information regarding our teens course in August, contact us👏

Marbella Film School

Calle Jacinto Benavente 37, Marbella (Centro), 29601 Málaga, España. Número telefónico: +34 951 247 285 E-mail:

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