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Mental Health and expressing creativity

In our modern day society it can be difficult for teenagers to come out with feeling like they suffer

with anxiety or depression. It can be seen as weak, vulnerable and so on. It's so important to be able to talk about our problems and emotions without being labelled as unsuccessful, or incapable.

Proven by many well known actors, directors, artists, singers etc, who see a light at the end of the tunnel with an artistic passion. Whether it may be singing, or producing or playing an instrument, or dancing like ballet, or hip-hop, a sport such as football, tennis, rugby or ice skating.

The point is, when someone has a hobby it can sometimes, not always, ease their minds of whatever is causing anxiety or depression. It's really important for someone to have something that brings them joy in life!

Marbella Film School's acting for teenager's class runs every Friday, we're here to get your teenagers diving into something fun, creative and possibly a career they love and have a great passion for!

This is one of the most inspiring/important things you'll see today. Actress Lili Reinhart, you may know her from Riverdale or Hustlers, moved to LA when she was only 18 years young, after battling with anxiety and severe depression, she moved back home to earn money and regather control of her mental health. Once she felt like the powerful inspirational actress she is again, she moved back and rented an apartment with all the money she had, having agreed it with other roommates. Weeks later, they pulled out of the deal, meaning she had lost all the money she had earned and didn't have a secure job. And that is when she booked Riverdale, a shining example of- everything happens for a reason and luck hits you when you need it the most, but you have to be ready!

For more information about this course or any of our others, don't hesitate to contact us at:

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