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What does it take to be a great actor?

Do you have what it takes?

Do you possess the qualities required to be a great actor?

We collected a few points to give you some guidance on what really makes the best the best.

Highly Imaginative:

this is a very important trait to have as an actor. Being imaginative goes hand in hand with being empathetic as well, and being able to put yourself in other people's shoes. Having a wild and vivid imagination is needed to plant yourself in alternate realities, building a character and creating a backstory.

Understanding human behavior:

psychology is an essential part of acting. You need to read between the lines, to know your character's motives and pain points, as well as not being afraid to familiarize yourself with your own psychology. The more you understand yourself and human behavior in general, the more authentic your portrayal is going to be.

Strong memorization skills:

learning lines fast and well is a must if you want to be an excellent actor. They are the backbone of your professional work. A dialogue or monologue well memorized will help you focus on your acting itself, instead of just reciting lines.

Confident and knowledgeable in acting techniques:

even if you are a natural talent, learning various acting techniques can only benefit you, and therefore give you confidence in your abilities.


in the film and entertainment industry you must know how to market yourself and interact with your audience. As an actor you are essentially your own brand, you are an entrepreneur. Having business skills and a "can-do" attitude will definitely fast-track your success.

Hard-working and committed:

obstacles and rejection are part of this industry too. In order to succeed and stand out, you must give your 100%, dig deep, stay committed, no one else can do it for you.


being able to adapt easily to different ways of working is crucial. Each director, producer and all fellow actors have their own unique communication and creative style.

Flexibility also goes for the ability and willingness to travel for filming and have a potentially erratic work schedule.

If you are someone who strives on structures and a lot of stability, being a working actor might not be your cup of tea.

We hope this was helpful to you! And don't worry, even you don't think you are quite there yet, you can always make progress and become a better actor and also a better version of yourself.


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