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Manifest your dream role - Special class with TEDx Speaker Tariq E Q Amawi

We had the pleasure to have Tariq E Q Amawi - who is also one of our students and has recently completed a course with Netflix actor, Mahesh Jadu at Marbella Film School - present a special class for us last time.

Mahesh Jadu is mainly known for Pirates of the Caribbean and playing a villain in the popular Netflix show, Marco Polo. He is also in the much awaited new TV series, The Witcher, coming out December 20th. More on that next week, stay tuned.

Tariq has been being giving talks worldwide for many years, and this time, his speech on manifestation was tailored to us, actors.

Now we want to let you in on a few secrets you can also apply in your own life!

If you haven't heard about the term manifestation before, it is about consciously creating your reality.

What does manifestation have to do with acting, you might ask?

Quite a lot, actually.

Did you know that the brain is not able to differentiate between reality and imagination? Meaning, your imagination is a powerful tool in terms of creating your desired reality.

The same when it comes to acting, through your imagination you can become a completely different character.

In class we did two very powerful exercises that made us all feel much closer to our desired goals and acting dreams:

1. We picked three big goals we want to achieve/manifest in the next 6 months and incorporated them in a sentence starting with "What if.."

For example: "What if I land a supporting role in a TV series playing a rebellious teenager?" or "What if I get cast as the lead in a feature film that is shot in England?"

It's good to be as specific as you can be. Then we went around and shared these goals with our fellow actors in the room.

2. Next, we got interviewed about our chosen role as if the shoot has already happened. While one of us was on stage, the other actors playing journalists were asking questions. "How did you prepare for this role?" "How was your experience on set?" And so forth.

It was a make believe game but it made all the difference.

Being seen and heard by people who believe in you is really important, suddenly you know that everything is possible.

And here is a BONUS tip for you!

You'll need some photoshop skills for this one - or ask someone to do it for you.

Find pictures of people playing roles you see yourself playing, actors on set, winning awards and anything you desire to achieve in your acting career. Then add your face to those pictures!

This is a fun and potent way to actually see yourself doing all those things.

So go and look at your creation (and FEEL as if it's already yours) right after waking up and right before falling asleep, as the brain is most susceptible during that time.

Here is an example of what Tariq did and since then he's been cast as the lead in a feature film, wow!

Check out Tariq's previous TEDx talk. Truly inspirational!

Remember, you ARE an actor. Prepare for the role as if it's already yours.

No more hoping and wishing!

You choose, you know, you believe and you expect.

Got inspired? Join us every Tuesday evening at our ongoing screen acting classes!

Marbella Film School Calle Jacinto Benavente 37, Marbella (Centro), 29601 Málaga, España. Phone Number: +34 951 247 285 E-mail:

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