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Tips from the man who cast Russel Crow in his first film!

Gregory Apps, president of Casting Guild of Australia visited our sister school in Perth to hold workshops about audition techniques and casting.

He is an extremely knowledgable industry professional, who cast Russel Crow, Eric Bana and hundreds of famous Australian actors.

He emphasized the importance of branding and finding your USP aka Unique Selling Point as an actor.

Knowing your casting type is fundamental in order for you to book acting jobs.

Once you realize how unique you are, what your strength are - there is no competition.

That's how Lamia Dani, one of our students here at Marbella Film School started booking roles.

With her beautiful, dark curly hair and Moroccan roots, it made sense she would go for those ethnic roles, instead of trying to fit in and audition for Spanish women roles only.

She certainly had a lot of success with this approach, you can read our previous blog post on that.

When defining your acting type, you also want to take your age, all your traits and special skills into consideration. And be very very honest with yourself!

It's worth asking your fellow actors and friends to give you feedback.

Do you look like an angry teenager, a party girl, a mafia boss or maybe a worried mother?

That's where character shots come into place!

These are creative images of you in a potential scene playing a certain character.

Our students had a lot of fun creating these photos, here are few of them to inspire you.

Here is Nea Willstrom, 15-year old Finnish actress, daydreaming free-spirit.

Nea as an insecure, scared teenager. Really nice and moody shot, don't you think?

Lastly, Nea as a geeky hard-working nerd. This is also a very fitting character choice for her.

Next it's Anniken Karlsen, a 24-year old Norwegian actress as a party girl.

On her next photo, we can imagine Anniken cast in a horror movie.

And here we have Olivia Bella, 35-year old Hungarian actress as a vampire. Based on this photo, we can see her cast in dark, futuristic movies such as Twilight, Underworld or The Matrix.

Olivia as a grieving widow, trying to gather herself on the beach.

Then, here she is in her seductive element, a bit sultry and mysterious.

And now it's your turn! We hope you got inspired!

Look forward to seeing you at class.

Marbella Film School Calle Jacinto Benavente 37, Marbella (Centro), 29601 Málaga, Spain. Phone number: +34 951 247 285 E-mail:


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