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Marbella Film School changed my life!

When I heard that Mahesh Jadu is coming into town, I didn’t think twice to sign up to his villain course.

Marbella is a happening place and am happy to be back, working in the film industry, including the Marbella Film Festival.

As an actor myself, having lived in London and taken various classes, I knew that this course is going to be a fantastic way to take my skills to the next level.

It definitely exceeded my expectations and I got so much out of it!

The course was really hands on, giving us the opportunity to test our inner villain by working on assigned monologues followed by the scenes we shot for our showreel at the end of the week.

“Always judge your character to be good”. - said Mahesh.

I thought that was a fresh way of looking at this, as in reality it’s rather challenging to stay neutral, we might as well create a good connection with our character, judging them to be good and having compassion for them can help us understand their actions, motivations, and objectives.

Apart from learning about playing darker, psychologically complex characters, I can say I have also grown both professionally as an actor and also personally as a human being.

As Mahesh was saying, it’s not about becoming a better actor, it’s about becoming a better human.

Thank you Marbella Film School for providing us this opportunity!

This fantastic testimonial was written by one of our students Olivia Bella, who has attended several classes at the film school. Thank you for your kind words, we love working with you!

INTRODUCTION TO SCREEN ACTING- Starts October 7th, from 7-9pm every week, 4 weeks!


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