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Netflix Actor teaching at Marbella Film School

On the 26th of August Marbella Film School students are fortunate enough to be taught by Netflix star Mahesh Jadu in a fantastic Villain course. His experience as a villain in series Marco Polo gives him the insight as a villainous character to further the knowledge of his students.

Mahesh attended and teaches at our sister school in Western Australia alongside appearing in Pirates of the Caribbean, I Frankenstein, Marco Polo, Neighbours...

He started off as a composer for an Australian show, "Byte Me". He auditioned for a small role in an Indian film, Sorry Bhai and was subsequently cast. He was later cast in one of Australia's longest running soaps, Neighbours as Doug Harris.

Not only is Mahesh a successful actor, he also writes, directs and produces!

Mahesh has previously passed by Marbella Film School treating our students to a Q&A about his perspective on the film industry and we can't wait to have him back!

He is an inspiration to new and previous students, and loves to pass down his knowledge and experience to help and inspire our future actors and directors to become hollywood stars.

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