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Marbella Film Schools Holiday Programs!

Want to try something new this summer?

Here at Marbella Film School, we're offering a hands on, intensivebut fun experience for older teenagers and adults!

We're even shooting showreels at the end!

Don't miss it, first week of July and first week of August!

Sign up to our teen holiday program, the first week in July starts on Monday the 1stand finishes on the 5th. Every night from 6-8pm.

Our adults program in July runs from the 15th to 19th the every night from 6-8pm.

The second adults and teens course is the first week of August, every night from 6-8pm.

If you feel like you want to do more with your acting, whether it be for fun or career possibility reasons, sign up for a showreel at the end of your program! For an additional 385eu.

If you're wondering what a showreel is, well, a showreel is an extremely helpful tool to help open doors in the show business. Not everyone has one, it certainly helps when scouting for an agent or wanting to book a part in a film. It is a trailer of you that you can send off anywhere around the world. You can also shoot a showreel for fun and experience! A fun passionate clip of your acting and film work during the summer!

Attached below are links to our previous adults and teens work on a showreel-

So if you do, want to try something new this summer or simply just act, sign up to our summer holiday courses today!

Contact us at //

or call us on +951 247 285

Note*: You're spot is only reserved when deposit has landed & no showreels are shot without payment before shooting day.

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