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Pursuing your dreams in the film industry!

Half the world wants to be an actor, literally! But only a handful actually become actors, why you may ask? Let me tell you.

The hand-picked people who do make it in the film industry, dream big and seriously work hard.

A personal favourite quote is "You are never given a dream without the power to make it come true". People who you see on TV, either got extremely lucky or worked incredibly hard of their craft and pushed until they made it.

The word made it, can mean anything, from getting a small role in a soap opera to a role in a blockbuster film to simply getting the role you had always dreamt of playing in a local theatre or on broadway! Everyone has different goals.

The first step on your roadmap to success is defining success to yourself, as said above, it's different for everyone.

The second step is ditching the idea of "overnight success" and is especially in the film industry is complete nonsense. Every time you hear about a filmmaker achieving sudden success, it’s always the result of years and years of hard, unappreciated work. We just get to see the last triumphant 1% of their journey without the grueling 99% that came before it.

Third step is honing your craft and find your unique artistic voice. This is pretty self-explanatory. You need to be good at the craft of making films in order to succeed, and you need to make films that are unique and noteworthy if you want to stand out from the crowd.

The fourth step is to start building a unique and purpose of work, Your body of work tells a story about who your are and what you’ve done. And once you realize that, you can start controlling the story you send out into the world.

And the last step is not being afraid to reassess, no matter what, your definition of success is never set in stone, nor is the path to achieving it.We’re all constantly growing and changing, so it makes sense to slow down every once in awhile, figure out if we’re still on a track that we want to be on, and then make any necessary course corrections.

Start your acting journey today at Marbella Film School!

Lots of classes for all ages and abilities!

+34 951 247 285

Marbella Film School Calle Jacinto Benavente 37, Marbella (Centro), 29601 Málaga, España.

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