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10 life skills Acting can teach your kids!

1. Confidence (everyone needs a boost of confidence for anything you want to accomplish in life)

The theatre teaches kids to take command in any situation and to overcome a fear of public speaking. It teaches them to have confidence and to learn from their mistakes through practice.

2. Creativity (we love to let their imagination run wild!)

Children learn how to think creatively through role-playing. Some people call it out-of-the-box thinking, and it’s a skill that comes in handy as a working adult.

3. Focus (helps with their academic focus, as well as focus on their goals in life!)

Having to listen and contribute during a play helps to develop key focus skills. Theatre arts teaches kids to build greater concentration and keep their minds on the current task.

4. Accountability (teaches little kiddies early in life on how to manage themselves!)

Kids learn how important their role is to a group activity. If they are late with their lines or don’t prepare at all, it affects the overall outcome.

5. Dedication (dedication is the key to get you where you want to be, acting definitely teaches you that!)

Kids learn dedication through practice and delivering a final result. They learn how to show up on time, develop good work habits and put forth a great effort to deliver a successful show.

6. Body language (body language isn't just beneficial on stage, but also in life with any situation, film/theathre teaches you how and why to move your body in different ways!)

The theatre teaches nonverbal communication. Kids learn how to show their emotions through body language and how different movements are interpreted by others.

7. Teamwork (you have to have a team to accomplish your goals whatever that may be, working with others that you share a passion with, is a great way to meet nice new friends!)

Children learn about the importance of working together. Whether it’s a children’s orchestra or a play, kids have to learn how to collaborate and contribute for the greater success of the entire group.

8. Determination (you have to be determined and hard working to achieve your dreams. Acting can teach you however hard they may be, if you're determined they can come true!)

With consistent practice and determination, kids get a feeling of accomplishment after a performance. Developing determination at a young age helps them reach their goals in the future.

9. Receiving constructive feedback (probably one of the most beneficial things a kid can hear for later on!)

Receiving criticism something that many adults have trouble with and may look at it as a negative part of their job. Through the theater, children learn that feedback is just another part of the learning process, not something that should be taken personally.

10. Problem solving (life is full of ups and downs this point will definitely be in their benefit!)

Kids learn critical problem-solving skills in the theatre arts. They must learn how to transform a clay ball into a cup or how their characters will act in a certain situation. These practices will help children develop an important skill that is necessary as adults.


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