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After a failed attempt at performing a monologue from the movie Shrek as the role of the Ginger Bread Man, as well as having no idea what a monologue actually WAS, I was convinced that I was not meant to be an actor. However, thanks to the film school for believing in me, I was able to overcome my anxiety and fear of acting.

After successfully completing an Actor's Training Workshop at the Film School, I was given the opportunity to act in multiple short films, such as: Third World Solution, Judy Dench is Cool in Person, Welcome Home and Pest Control. I eventually also wrote and directed a romantic music video called ‘Deewana’ for a Pakistani singer. I got my biggest break as an actor when a Director Abhijit Deonath from Canberra casted me for a role in his Bollywood film ‘Salt Bridge’. I worked alongside actress Chelsie Preston Crayford, who is well known for her role of Tilly Devine in the Australian crime drama ‘Underbelly’, as well as two famous Bollywood actors, Rajeev Khandelwal and Usha Jadhav.

If it wasn’t for The Film School, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of my goals. As a mentor, it provided me with confidence, taught me commitment and really pushed me to overcome my fears.

Although my journey has just begun, I know that everyday is a day to make mistakes, learn and keep growing. My advice is to be as natural as possible, after all, living everyday is an act of living… :)

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