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Since an early age, my dream of becoming an actress was always avoided due to insecurity and fear of failure. It wasn't until my 18th birthday that I realized there was something missing in my life, something with passion and a goal to work towards. I finally

built up some courage and enrolled at Marbella Film School’s “Introduction to Screen Acting” course, and eventually the “Hollywood Package” course. After several months of working on my craft and developing a showreel, I can say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. If it wasn’t for Nicole Moerland, the managing director at Marbella Film School, I would have never been able to overcome this fear and insecurity. Working with Nicole has not only taught me how to become a better actor, but a better version of myself.

After completing the Introduction to Screen Acting course, I decided it was time I continued working on my acting skills by completing the Hollywood Package Course. I worked on two scenes in depth, building my character as well as creating a back story. Thanks to this course and showreel, I was invited to a casting for a new upcoming Netflix series!

Despite achieving so much already, my journey as an actress has just begun. I will continue to attend Marbella Film School and work with my mentor Nicole, as well as complete more workshops and improve my skills. Although I will be moving to London to attend Hult Business School in September, I will always remember my amazing experience at Marbella Film School, and will happily continue to enrol in their workshops during the holidays.

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