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Marbella Film School is proud to present Isabella Jacqueline, our home grown Student from our Australian twin School in Perth.

She has been studying at our Film School from the age of 12, where she started at our Kids After School Program.

She studied with us for 3 year and we couldn't be any more proud of her!

At only 17 years of age, not only did she book her 1st ever audition, but she also got a Best Actress nomination for that same role!

Here is what Isabella had to say about her training:

If you don’t have a CV and a showreel, you can’t land an agent and book gigs. If you don’t have an agent and gigs under your belt, there’s no way of building a CV and showreel. That’s a sad truth about the film industry where every opportunity is so highly contested by newcomer and veteran actors alike. The Film School’s courses enabled me to build up a CV and create a showreel from scratch, in a supportive but firm environment. It also enabled me to build up my skill set so that when an opportunity presented itself, I was able to deliver.

They say no one books their first audition, but after three years of training at The Film School, I did just

that – an audition for the lead female in Western Australia’s biggest independent feature film, “The Decadent and Depraved”; soon to be released in China with UK and US releases expected soon to follow. Just recently I have also received a Best Actress in a Feature Film nomination for that very same role at the World Music and Independent Film Awards . . .

I really credit The Film School for ensuring that I entered the industry as a serious player and not just another wanna-be, and also for teaching me the basic film lingo and on-set etiquette that allowed me to become popular with film crew and thus build my network. Network leads to the next step, and that is creating your own content. I’m so thrilled that recently I was able to get my first short film off the ground – my debut in simultaneously writing/directing/producing/acting – and start my very own production company, Other-Side Films.

Without Nicole Moerland and The Film School, I’m sure I’d still be dreaming fruitlessly. Thank you to the film school!

~ Isabella Jacqueline

Who know you might be the next Isabella Jacqueline at Marbella Film School!

Sign up today for the Kids After School Program!

-Starting on the 8th of October at Marbella Film School.

-Running every Monday 18:00-19:00 for 6 weeks.

-Price: 150E.

For more information

Email: or Call 951 247 285.

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