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Hollywood Package: The ultimate acting course

Have you ever dreamt of pursuing a Hollywood acting career? Here is your chance!

Join our Hollywood Package course for Adults at Marbella Film School starting the 14th of August 2018.

We aim to give you the skills and tools to pursue acting as a career, including the development of your own professional showreel to send to casting directors and help you book an agent!

Acting is not just about learning scripts and lines.

It is about moving an audience.

Analyzing scripts, doing background work, creating the character within yourself and then bringing it all to life.

At Marbella Film School you will learn the world renowned Stella Adler Technique:

Stella Adler believed that an actor’s talent lies with his/her imagination and visualization. The theatre and film actress turned teacher, trained with Stanislavsky and studied the method, but didn’t believe that an actor needed to relive past experiences to connect with the script.

Her technique style has been studied by many renowned actors including as:

Robert De Niro, Elaine Stritch, Martin Sheen, Diana Muldaur, Dolores del Rio, Roy Scheider, Vincent D’Onofrio, Mark Ruffalo, Warren Beatty , Michael Imperioli, Salma Hayek, Sean Astin, Barbara Stuart, Joyce Meadows, Stephen Bauer and Benicio del Toro, in addition to Marlon Brando, who served as the New York studio’s Honorary Chairman until his death, and was replaced by another pupil, Warren Beatty.

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