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Marbella Actress stars on Netflix "Stranger Things"!

Millie Bobby Brown is from Marbella! - who plays Eleven in Stranger Things - is a force to be reckoned with, and she's she's only 13! This young actress is definitely one to watch.

The Duffer Brothers, the guys responsible for the hit Netflix show, have revealed that they found a sparkling gem with Millie, and said that Eleven was the most difficult role to cast because "she has to convey many emotions with very little dialogue.

Child actors, even the great ones, almost always have difficulty listening. They're able to deliver their lines well, but to stay fully in character in a scene when they're not talking… that's another skill set entirely."

IT was something of an exciting homecoming for a Costa Del Sol-born actress, who has become one of the big hits in Hollywood.

Millie Bobby Brown, now 13, the surprise star of Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things, is the daughter of a former expat couple, Robert and Kelly Brown, once based in Marbella.

MARBELLA GIRL: Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown

Now, the Spanish-born actress goes been back to her roots with family trips to Marbella often after becoming a household name overnight.

We believe her grandparents run a restaurant in Marbella.

Moving to Orlando in Miami, in 2011, where her parents started a tooth-whitening business. They decided to sign her up for some acting classes during the weekends. Just for something fun to pass the time, little did they know that their journey would start from there.

She shot to fame as the lead character in the Netflix drama, which also stars Wynona Rider.

She plays the part of a telekinetic girl in the show that is based around the disappearance of a young boy.

In its first 16 days, the sci-fi thriller was watched by more than 8.2 million people, outperforming the critics’ darling House of Cards.

The second season of the show is now showing on Netflix. We are all on the edge of our seats! Not only with her performance in the show but seeing where her journey will continue on after the show.

On behalf of Marbella Film School we are all very proud of her achievements.

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