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Big new series with Emily Blunt to be shot here in Spain!

That is exactly right, there is a brand new western TV series called 'The English' starring Emily Blunt that is going to be filmed here in Spain! The most exciting part about this new series that's coming up is that we have many of our students auditioning for it already! We have students of all different age groups, such as myself, auditioning for main roles in the series, that are still going. This series is still very new therefor there is not much Information available about it as it is secret, but be on the look out for when its out, and see our students staring in it!

Well known actress Emily Blunt is most well known for her roles in 'Into the woods', 'Mary Poppins returns', 'A quiet place' with the second movie coming out this year and many others.

Her accolades include a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, in addition to nominations for two British Academy Film Awards.

She's bound to be in another great production, which will hopefully include some of our students ion their cast!

Many western movies from Hollywood have actually been filmed here in Spain before. The Andalusian province of Almería has staked its claim in the international film history, as a cinematic location. One of the most important venues is the desert of Tabernas, where many film sets are constructed. It is extremely well know for it's western set and has been used for years and years now.

The most important films from the Tabernas:

  • Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

  • A Fistful of Dollars (1965)

  • Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

  • Trinity Is Still My Name (1971)

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

  • Winnetou Return (1998)

  • Dance of the Vampires (2001)

  • Lucky Luke and the Daltons (2004)

  • Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

If you want to be prepared to take on and get auditions like this, why not consider coming to join us at our film school in Marbella?

Join Here

Maybe you could be our next student starring in a big new production!


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