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Have you got what it takes? Do you want to put yourself in other people's shoes? Do you want a challenge? Start acting.

At Marbella Film School, we believe in finding yourself through roles. Roles give you the power to understand; to learn. Roles aren't characters... they are people. We want our students to leave the film school prepared to take on professional roles and work with professional crew.

Most of our students take part of our Hollywood Package Course after completing Introduction to Screen Acting, a four-week intensive course allowing them to thoroughly develop a character and shoot their own showreel scene which can then be presented to casting directors and agencies. For students who have completed Introduction to Screen Acting and feel unprepared to undergo our intensive Hollywood Package course, they can simply take part in our weekly on-going classes while they take the time they need to prepare themselves.

Here is an example of one of student's showreel. Meet Tariq.

Marbella Film School is also your studio.

Have you been rooting for a fresh, creative start? Visit or contact 951 24 72 85 for more information regarding our classes.

*NOTE: due to the current capacity restrictions, please make sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

We want to hear from you.

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