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Missed your weekly training sessions at Marbella Film School? Missed the adrenaline rush before performing? Say no more.

We know that all our students have been through a difficult time. It is normal to have lost touch with yourself and your passions, but don't let that overcome you.

Starting next week, all classes will no longer be conducted via Zoom and will take place at the film school. In order to accommodate to this new era, all sessions will be conducted in small groups and taking all necessary measures to ensure all of our students are safe. Nothing will stop the staff, actors and filmmakers at Marbella Film School from flourishing.

We have learnt that difficult times always equal to great results. Whether it is acting, filmmaking, or simply adjusting to a new world... there will never be flowers without a little bit of rain. We will apply our struggle during this pandemic to inspire us to become better actors, better filmmakers and better people.

Here is what Andy Campo had to say about Marbella Film School:

"Marbella Film School has taught me how to believe in myself and my acting skills. They have taught me how to find myself in each character and pushed me to the best of my limits. If you're looking for a new and professional start, trust in Marbella Film School."

If you are ready to jump into the world of acting, visit or

NOTE: Classes will be conducted in small groups due to capacity restrictions. Please make sure to contact Marbella Film School for more information regarding slots and available positions.

We cannot express how excited we are to help our actors continue their amazing journey.

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