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Big soap director to coach at Marbella Film School!

Michael E Briant is an extremely passionate and dedicated director, whom has been in front and behind the camera since he was 12 years old!

This legend has directed several episodes of Emmerdale, Eastenders, Doctor Who, The Doctor, Blood Money, Z Cars, Breakaway, Secret Army and so many more!

Still working to this day, alongside directing, he will be coming to Marbella Film School to teach directing! but not just that, - he'll be coaching actors on how to work with directors, - working on a real fast moving set, - what it's really like on set and how everything moves so quickly.

Briant will also be doing mock interviews with out students, - on how they'd be interviewed as actors in the professional industry, - hitting your mark in front of the camera, - how to do walk through scripts (a moving shoot).

Before starting the course, students would prepare a scene to practice, perform and develop!

*This course will not be coaching acting*

The course dates are yet to be confirmed, scheduled around the start of the new school year 2020.

Due to this being a popular program we are already taking bookings for our waiting list!

Students wanting to sign up will be interviewed over the phone, to make we have the best and most dedicated students to all work together amongst an amazing opportunity.

For more information about this course or any of our others, don't hesitate to contact us at, or call us on + 951 24 72 85, or email us

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