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Best thing I have ever done - By Tahriq Amawi

A*, ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I'VE DONE The Villain acting course with Mahesh Jadu exceeded all my expectations. Superb value. Not only was the tuition so finely tuned and dialed in, making excellent use of the precious time we had, it gave me unexpected insights into the emotional intelligence needed to portray any character truthfully and believably. I now feel I can approach any character and any scene and find the truth and meaning and authenticity in it. Even to see someone elses perspective in life. Mahesh's experience as an actor and his overwatcher's eye when it comes to direction, is evident immediately in his method and 'less is more' approach. I not only feel I learned how to dissect the scripts we were given, but any script I will be given in future. The toolset and techniques we received are so valuable and immediately actionable, I know I will apply them to tease out the emotional threads hidden behind any script and any character text. It was also some of the most fun I have had in a long time and the GIANT cherry on the cake (if not a cake in and of itself) was having our scenes professionally shot and edited by a crew into a showreel at the end. On set Mahesh's direction gave me what I needed to get the most out of and make the most out of my scenes. And I'm thrilled with the result. Whether you are a new actor, trying this for fun as an experience, or a seasoned professional, the depth and subtlety to Mahesh's approach and the quality and calibre of what is taught is such incredible value for money. Truly. I wish it was 4 times longer. I enjoyed every minute and was captivated through each class which were an expert blend of theory and practice. And while filming a professional showreel at the end is a wonderous climax to the whole experience and something that sets the Marbella Filmschool apart from its contemporaries, it's a bitter sweet end as I am already craving more, and more. I watched many of the actors on the course get visibly and noticeably better under Mahesh's guidance in a matter of days. Everyone's acting junped by orders of magnitude and to have that skill captured in a showreel at the end is the best way I know of to can land you future roles as you will undoubtedly produce some of your best work here. Do it. Whether you act, or not, it's a fabulous experience and an enjoyable exploration of your own personality and its full spectrum of moral capacity and layers. Already looking forward to the next one.

This amazing review was written by Tahriq Amawi, a student whom recently did our villain course. Thank you for your beautifully written review, we loved working with you and hope to work with you in the near future!!

Marbella Film School's upcoming courses-

Introduction to screen acting- running every 4 weeks (introduction into acting, camera and auction techniques!)

On-going screen acting- runs every week for students who have completed introduction to screen and want to develop showreels!

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