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Children can benefit enormously from joining an acting class, not just if they want to become an actor one day but in many aspects of their everyday lives.

Here are our top reasons why acting is beneficial for kids:

  • Confidence and self-esteem: Building these in the early years is crucial to help your child develop the inner strength they need to cope with the challenges of life. Being confident and having good self-esteem will aid your child to be successful at school and in other activities, to make friends, to be happier and will lead to a brighter future.

  • Creativity & ability to express themselves: Children who are creative and are able to express themselves emotionally are likely to have improved mental health, stronger relationships with family & friends and stronger coping mechanisms.

  • Empathy: A very important characteristic and one that will certainly grow through acting and learning how it can feel to be somebody else.

  • Social & communication skills: Acquiring good social skills early on will be highly beneficial to your child’s future and acting is arguably the best way to develop these skills. Children will learn to communicate effectively in verbal and non-verbal ways and to listen to each other. They will learn to speak clearly and confidently in an engaging manner.

  • Reading skills: There is a lot of reading involved in acting and consequently their reading ability will flourish through practice.

  • Concentration: Concentration is vital when acting and the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time will aid with schoolwork and other activities.

  • Memory: Acting constantly challenges and improves memory through exercises and the requirement to learn lines.

  • Discipline: Children who act will develop self-control through the requirement to behave in a professional manner

Not only will your child have fun, make new friends and have a sense of purpose but they will be developing essential life skills which will stay with them, not just for the time that they attend class but for life.

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