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Villain Course with Netflix Actor 'Mahesh Jadu'

Villain Course with Netflix Actor 'Mahesh Jadu'

Mahesh Jadu will be teaching a special edition masterclass this August at Marbella Film School.  The course will be based on how to create a villanious role and prepare you towards your showreel shoot.  This program is joined to the "Hollywood Package Showreel" - To create a showreel will be manditory to this program.  


In the series Marco Polo, Mahesh played the historical character of Ahmed Fanakati, who was considered the "Villainous Minister" of Kublai Khan's Yuan Dynasty.

Mahesh will be teaching a Villain Course at Marbella Film school this August. He will show you how to channel your talents into become the best villain version of yourself possible. There is no one more qualifiedl to do it.



Mahesh Jadu is an Australian actor from Perth, Western Australia. He is best known for his role of Dr. Doug Harris in the soap opera Neighbours and the role of Ahmad in the Netflix TV show Marco Polo. He also appeared on Pirates of the Caribbean as well as the miniseries Better Man.

Mahesh started off as a composer in the Australian show Byte Me. He auditioned for a small role in an Indian film, Sorry, Bhai! and was subsequently cast. After that, he was cast for the show Neighbours and in 2011, was cast for the Australian drama Taj, which was presented at the 16th Busan International Film Festival. He then worked on The Three Ages of Sasha.  He got his big break when he was cast in Roland Joffé's periodic drama, Singularity, which was later renamed The Lovers. The film was delayed for 2 years. He then auditioned multiple times for I, Frankenstein in which he plays the Gargoyle Ophir. He was later cast in Netflix's, Marco Polo as Ahmad.


This Course runs in Summer.


*Film Shoot will be cost of €450 - See "Hollywood Package Showreel'




  • Terms & Conditions of Enrollment

    1. Payment must be made upon booking in order for Marbella Film School to hold your spot in any course.
    2. In making a payment, you agree to understand and accept these Terms & Conditions.
    3. Out of respect for fellow students, Marbella Film School expects full commitment from its students. Where applicable, you will be expected to do rehearsals with your scene partner outside of the class hours and learn all your lines. A strong attitude that affects the class dynamic may result in being asked to leave the class without a refund of course fees.
    4. Marbella Film School has a strict ‘No Refund Policy’. Upon consideration, a credit may be issued at the discretion of Marbella Film School for use in selected courses.  
    5. Marbella Film School reserves the right to amend course dates, workshop dates, schedules, lesson plans and filming schedules when necessary.
    6. Should Marbella Film School amend course dates, workshop dates, schedules, lesson plans and filming schedules to times when a student is unable to attend, the student may choose to enroll in a later intake at no additional cost to the student or upon consideration, a credit may be issued at the discretion of Marbella Film School for use in selected courses within 12 months of receiving written notice that the student will not be able to attend the course.
    7. All courses and workshops at Marbella Film School are facilitated by working Industry Professionals. From time to time, they may be required to take leave from facilitating training at Marbella Film School to work on-set or on-location in their respective professions. In this instance, Marbella Film School will provide an equally qualified substitute to facilitate the remainder of the course and/or re-schedule the course to a time when the appointed or substitute facilitator is able to resume facilitating their training courses at Marbella Film School.
    8. Students attending Marbella Film School are required to carry themselves appropriately at all times and adhere to ethical and moral principles. Discrimination, harassment and any form of misconduct towards course facilitators, company employees, guests of Marbella Film School and fellow students may result in being asked to leave the course permanently without a refund of paid course fees.
    9. Marbella Film School is a no-ego school. Students are required to take direction as instructed by our facilitators in order to improve on their skills. Insubordination will not be tolerated.

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