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Masterclass with Guillermo Womutt
  • Masterclass with Guillermo Womutt

    About Guillermo Womutt:

    Proven expertise for over 25 years in Cultural Management, in the production and management of more than 6 International Festivals of Performing Arts. Director and author of interdisciplinary performances (Dance, theatre, TV). 

    Studied directing and acting in the RESAD of Madrid, Spain. Participated in specialized workshops regarding acting and directing with Jose Luis Gomez, and Juan Carlos Corazza in Spain. With a special program of theatre drama courses with Middlesex University and RESAD. In 2007 received a Master’s Degree in Integrated Communication from the University of Alcala de Henares – Hune Institute, Spain. 

    Worked in a TV series with recognized success in Spain as an actor and as a director of talent in TVE and Antena 3 TV.  Also worked as a producer for “Contemporary Theatre Productions” as Head of Production in Ghosts by H. Ibsen of the Julieta Serrano Company or The Grönholm Method by J. Galcerán with Carlos Hipólito. The Dresser by Ronald Harwood with Federico Luppi, among others. 

    Worked as general Coordinator and director of production for the Festival de Otoño de Madrid, and for the Festival Veranos de La Villa. Subsequently, became executive producer of Baroque by Tomaz Pandur in the Centro Cultural de La Villa and was appointed as General Coordinator of the Teatro Fernán Gomez Centro de Arte taking on program scheduling and production management of performing arts.   

    As a professor in the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), taught a workshop on Theatrical Expression and designed another that taught actors how to create a personal profile, a complementary tool to their professional skills. 

    In 2013 was appointed Assistant Director of the Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Almagro. That same year in the US, carried out research on teaching performing arts to teen actors. Also, he wrote and directed the play “Retablo de Espera” which premiered in the Mirador room - Madrid 

    In 2019 he was the general artistic coordinator of Espacio Abierto Quinta de los Molinos – Madrid (this is a centre dedicated to childhood and adolescence that belongs to Empresa Municipal Madrid Destino Cultura Turismo y Negocio S.A., Madrid (España) 

    Also, in the same centre, he was a drama teacher for the students of hostelería school for two years, with spectacular results.   

    In 2020 he moved to Marbella to develop personal interests. One of them is how to use theatre as a fundamental tool in communication. Also, he worked as a drama teacher in MOMO, Escuela de las Artes de Marbella, since last October 2021. He combines his work in MOMO teaching drama workshops in Madrid, Málaga and Tarifa.  


    Masterclass Details:  


    -Days: To be announced! 
    -Time: From 10 am to 13:00 hours.  
    -Location: Photo Studio Marbella
    -Price: €450


    20% Discount for existing students (On first masterclass booking)

    • Workshop Content

      Dear Actors and Acting Enthusiats!

      Welcome to Guillermo Womutt Acting Masterclass.

      In this transformative masterclass, Guillermo Womutt invites you to journey with him through the intricacies of authentic acting. With his seasoned expertise, you'll uncover novel and impactful methods to infuse your daily acting endeavors with depth and resonance. Prepare to explore the art of evoking and stirring your audience's emotions.

      Acting, as Guillermo emphasizes, encompasses an array of nuances that need to be understood and embraced. Through his guidance, you will navigate this delicate realm and learn to transition seamlessly between emotions, all while maintaining your authenticity under the spotlight. It's time to enhance your acting toolkit and elevate your ability to captivate hearts and minds.

      Masterclass Highlights:

      • This masterclass is open to all levels and participants aged 16 and over.

      • For this special Masterclass, it will take place at a Photo Studio Marbella.

      • How to cultivate raw emotions.  

      • Awareness of our body and voice to deepen our character approach and final creation.  

      • The way we use our breathing as an ally in managing emotions. 

      • We will explore what feeds your inspiration.  

      • How do we manage our awareness before, during, and after the director says "action". 

      • We will work with short monologues going deeper into what words open the key to our emotions. This will help train you to become more versatile in each character you play. 

      • It will culminate in the professional filming by a cinematographer of captivating monologues, offering a hands-on, immersive experience like no other.

      • Special discount to our existing students, 20% off on first booking of a masterclass.




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