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Masterclass With Casting Director Eva Nilsen
  • Masterclass With Casting Director Eva Nilsen

    About Eva Nilsen:


    Eva Nilsen was born in Marbella to a Norwegian mother and a Spanish father. Her connection to the world of casting, photography, production, and direction is in her blood. Her mother, Marianne Nilsen, a Norwegian settled in Marbella, found herself in the right place at the perfect time in 1989 and became a pioneer with the creation of one of the first casting companies on the Costa del Sol, Marbella Casting.

    In this way, Eva Nilsen grew up among guitars and cameras, naturally acquiring a great ability to bridge both worlds. As a casting director, assistant film director, video clips and advertising director, she is preparing for her debut in directing a feature film for the next year.

    Her artistic vision stands out for her ability to recognize talent and place it in the right frame. These virtues have grown and developed throughout her professional life. Given her family background, she started in front of the camera as an actress and model, and, alongside her mother, managed the casting company from the age of 15. Her success led her to be chosen as the casting director for Madonna with Emilio Muñoz and for Brian Adams with Paco de Lucía, among others. She has collaborated on numerous advertising and film/TV series projects.


    She has cast several Marbella Film School students in comercials, TV shows & feature films, Including Netflix.


    In her course, we will learn to develop an improvised monologue, record it, and shoot a scene. She will provide us with the best tips for creating a self-tape, and we will leave with essential headshots to present ourselves at castings.


    Masterclass Details:  


    - Days: 2nd & 3rd of December
    -Time: From 15.30pm to 18.30pm  - Kids/Teens

    -Time: From 19.30pm until 22.30pm - Adults
    -Location: Photo Studio Marbella
    -Price: €450



    • Eva Nilsen Masterclass Highlights

      Masterclass Highlights:

      Discover what makes our upcoming Casting Workshop with Eva Nielsen from Casting Marbella an incredible opportunity for young actors:

      • Chance to get in Casting Marbella: A very exciting part you can be part of an Actor Agency RIGHT AWAY!, either for speaking parts, commercials, etc.

      • Age-Appropriate: Tailored for participants aged 10 to 15 years old, creating a comfortable and encouraging learning environment.

      • The Adults Class will be from 16 and over.

      • Special Photoshoot: Done by Eva Nilsen herself so you can have your own portfolio.

      • Special Video from the class: At the end of the course.

      • This special Masterclass will take place at a Photo Studio Marbella.

      • Two Days of Learning: A comprehensive 2-day workshop designed to immerse kids and teens in the art of casting.

      • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Eva Nielsen, a renowned figure in the casting industry, and her vast experience.

      • Exclusive Insights: Gain valuable insights into the casting process, essential for aspiring actors.

      • Success Story: Freddy Pritchard, a former student, was cast in Nteflix Series "The Warrior Nun," showcasing the potential and talent nurtured at Marbella Film School.

      • Building Connections: Eva Nielsen's Casting Marbella has connected many of our students with representation opportunities, including actress and our student Vivian Milkova.

      • Hands-On Learning: Develop essential skills by participating in monologue improvisation and scene recording.

      • Self-Tape Mastery: Learn from the best about self-tape auditions and headshot essentials to excel in castings. 



      Success Stories through Eva Nilsen


      One of the most intriguing aspects of our upcoming workshop with Eva Nilsen is her remarkable track record in nurturing young talent. Eva's influence and guidance have paved the way for young actors like Fred Pritchard and Vivian Milkova to secure prominent roles in the entertainment industry.

      Fred Pritchard's Journey:

      Fred Pritchard, a former student and protege of Eva Nielsen, is now celebrated for his role in Netflix TV Show "The Warrior Nun." His journey from budding actor to a role in a high-profile series is a testament to Eva's unwavering commitment to nurturing raw talent.

      The Director's Choice:

      It's worth noting that this role in "The Warrior Nun" was in a production directed by Australian Director ´Jet Wilkensen´, a reputable industry figure. The fact that Eva's students have earned the trust of experienced directors speaks volumes about her training and mentorship. (Jet Wilkensen also teaches masterclasse at our Austrlian School Perth Film School).

      Watch Freddie in Show:

      Vivian Milkova's Success:

      Vivian Milkova is another prime example of Eva's ability to spot and cultivate talent. With Eva's assistance, Vivian now enjoys representation, which opens up countless opportunities in the world of acting.

      Watch Vivian in action:

      Eva Nilsen's involvement in Marbella Film School has not only brought expertise to our students but has also transformed young dreams into successful acting careers. 









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