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The Enforcer New Trailer starring our Vivian Milkova / New Adult Classes

We`re so happy to announce the new trailer of the fully packed action film "The Enforcer" starring Antonio Banderas and our incredible student Vivian Milkova.

As you know Vivian has been in our school for a very long time taking classes from our teacher Nicole Moerland, in each class every student learns how to act with concrete tools like improvisation, monologues, scripts from other movies, and also making in front of the screen presentations.

All of that helped our student to get this role with one single showreel, a video that shows your performance and how you look for a specific role. And for the people that doubt how helpful that can be...well this is solid proof of that.

New Dates for Adult Classes.

New classes for Adults start in October on the 11th from 6pm to 8pm in a four weeks block. Classes will be 200€ the month.

Showreels for each group will be 450€

Because we have limited space it's important to reserve your spot before each block. If you may find it difficult to enter any particular term, you can always try the next term, you will be always welcome to join in!



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