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Our student books the main role in a new feature film!

We are so proud of our student Vivian Milkova, who just book a huge main role in a new horror/comedy feature film. At only the age of 12, and having only been with us, she managed to get casted on her first ever casting, with producer of 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4'.

She is only 12 years old and from Bulgaria, yet that didn't stop her from pursuing her acting career, wether it be for English or Spanish speaking roles.

Vivian had made her showreel with us at Marbella Film School, helping her show off her amazing acting skills to anyone interested.

She also took the time to make a website for herself to make sure she is well recognised, helping her book roles like these.

As of right now, this feature film is still in early development stages, therefore we can't reveal the name of the project yet. As soon as we can we will be sure to announce it.

Vivian was selected from 417 other potential girls, after undergoing multiple stages of auditions, and ended up being in the last 5 and getting chosen!

Here is the testimonial of Vivian's Mother, who left a review on our school:

Vivian's extremely proud father (Valentin Milkova), also left a wonderful message on the Facebook page he made for her, giving everyone this wonderful news:

We, as her school, teachers and classmates, are extremely proud and happy for Vivian, and can't wait to see the outcome of this wonderful new feature film as well as many more to come in the future for her and our other students!

If you also want to have the opportunity she had, and enhance your acting skills, don't hesitate to join us now! We offer programs that fit all different acting levels and age groups. We would love for you to come and join us!

Click HERE to check out our website and sign up now!

📢: Under these new COVID restrictions and circumstances, we are allowed to remain open as we are a school, but have decided that for this week and the following week, we will take the lessons online and then go back to normal by teaching face to face, from 2nd week of February onwards.


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